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Welcome to Lobster Grill – Chino Hills

Lobster is often regarded as an expensive menu item, a rich man’s food, as they say. Luxurious seafood restaurants all over the world take pride in serving their own original ‘lobster’ cuisine to entice high-end diners to visiting them. While this approach excites some people, it, oftentimes, discourages others in patronizing the lobster. Most of us certainly avoid ordering a menu with a “MARKET PRICE” tag, which is often the case when fresh lobster is being served in a restaurant.

This inspired us to establish a casual seafood restaurant that caters to an unsatisfied market segment. It is our goal to bring this seafood closer to everyone. At Lobster Grill, people will not be intimidated by ordering lobster. Once they try Lobster Grill, ‘feasting’ with lobster and other high-end seafood items will be both an affordable and satisfying experience that can be enjoyed all the time.


280x195_lobsterHave a sumptuous treat of grilled lobster with mango habanero glaze served with tropical fruit salsa


280x195_crabFeast on the delicate, sweet taste of steamed crab served with rich garlic butter sauce


280x195_oystersA special delight for all oyster lovers — fresh oysters on the half shell served with our Chef’s Signature sauce


280x195_clamsTender clams cooked to perfection in butter, garlic and herbs

Why We Are “The Seafood Expert”

At Lobster Grill, we believe that it is not enough to serve our clients with appetizing seafood selections. Quality of the seafood items we serve is our priority. That is why we continue to educate ourselves about different kinds of seafood, and we ensure that we keep our team abreast of the latest news on marine life and its inhabitants. We always make sure that our seafood items, and even the other ingredients that we use, only come from reliable and government-approved food sources. From hand-picking only the freshest seafood available to verifying the safe handling of live and fresh seafood products, we at Lobster Grill are always on top of everything. Being the ‘Seafood Expert’ is definitely not just a claim. It is our COMMITMENT.

With Lobster Grill, people will opt for a healthier choice as the restaurant will offer only the freshest seafood selections to the customers at a very reasonable cost.


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